Choosing your builder can be a daunting task. You need to ask yourself what it is you want or need out of your building experience.

Do you want to be involved in the day to day decisions of your home or do you want a professional to take care of it on your behalf?

Do you have time in your day to break away from your own job to be running around town making selections or do you want a professional to take care of it and do all the hard work for you?

Do you want the stress of second guessing if your builder knows what he’s doing or do you want a professional to take care of it knowing that it’s his reputation on the line?

When you have a question or concern about your home, do you want to have to call the Builders office and then wait days for a call back or do you want  be able to speak to the Builder directly and resolve your question there and then.

Do you want to be just another number in the builders big list of clients or do you want you and your home to be your Builders upmost priority?

All of these questions relate back to employing a professional Builder with absolute integrity who will be able to remove the stress out of your building experience. To achieve that experience you need a Boutique Builder taking responsibility of possibly the largest asset you may ever own. That Builder is Andre Malecky, Empire Building Company.



Through the entire design & build process your direct point of contact will be Andre Malecky the Builder, Managing Director & owner of Empire Building Company.

  • Compared to larger building companies where you are continually changing point of contact thru the various stages, with Empire you will be dealing primarily one person from start to completion of your home.  This removes the risk of miscommunication and ultimate compromise during the build process which is really frustrating for the Client.
  • Your home will be personally supervised, quality assured and built by Empire’s registered Builder Andre Malecky. Larger companies will typically nominate you a Supervisor and in some cases the Supervisor may change during the build.  Alternatively your nominated Supervisor may be managing 10-15 jobs at any one time so you become a number in the system and your are not their priority as they are too busy to focus on your needs.
  • Andre will make you his priority and is available 7 days a week to discuss your needs, thoughts and deal with any requests or concerns you may have. Andre only takes on a few contracts per year to ensure he can share his time and building experience with each of his valued Clients. He is totally driven to build a quality home.
  • Empire Building Company & Andre Malecky have a 100% clear history of any Client contractual disputes/complaints and have never been before the Building Commission since opening their doors in 2006. This is a major point of difference between a larger builder and boutique builder who has pride in what they do.
  • Andre Malecky has a loyal contingent of trades, craftsmen and women whom he has worked with for many years. Where a specialist trade not frequently employed by our company is required for your home, Andre will ensure the he assesses the best suited Contractor to complete the works and supervise them closely.
  • Andre promotes clean sites, respectful language and good neighbourly relationships to ensure that your neighbours are also respected thru the build process as let’s face it they bare the brunt of most of it on a daily basis.
  • Andre welcomes you to speak with past Clients to reassure you that you have made the right decision with choosing Empire to build your dream home.


The Empire design team comprises of two Building Designers and an in-house Interior Designer. The Builder Andre Malecky also has a flair for design and associated training in these areas. Not one person from our company takes ownership of any home, we do it as a team. Andre also welcomes direct contact with all of his design team during the construction of your home.

  • Depending on the style of home you are seeking we will select the most suited Building Designer for your project. Both Designers have years of experience, accreditations and have great Client communication skills and most they have exceptional design skills. They understand this is your home and they will listen to your needs and transform them into your new home design.
  • We have extensive product knowledge and a large database of suppliers that we have connections with to ensure all of your design  and styling requirements can be fulfilled.
  • Our team has been working together for several years and we all continually bounce ideas of each other to ensure our Client experience and finished home is innovative, technologically advanced, functional and ultimately practical for the people whom live in it.
  • Our in-house Interior Designer is involved from the commencement of initial concept drawings. Well before you sign a contract we already have a clear vision for the final finishes. We don’t lock you into selections like larger builders will prior to contract signing, but instead we work thru the selections with you  as the building works takes place. This allows our Clients to connect better with the spaces as they are being built and then make educated decisions rather than costly mistakes. Our design team welcomes Client input and its great to collaborate ideas too.
  • The Builder has an extensive understanding and knowledge about lighting design and technology. We don’t need to outsource Consultants to design these items for your home which ultimately saves you money and time.
  • We have vast experience in renovation, transformations, unit development and new builds so any of your building needs can be handled by Empire.